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Episode 117: Covered in Cats and Croissant Crumbs

November 28th, 2014 | Robin

In Ask Ken and Robin, Stephanie asks Ken and Robin to find gaming ideas in the disappearance, and much later resurfacing, of Henry IV’s long-dead head.

The Gaming Hut has us looking at moments where player choice conflicts with character believability.

Back to matters Gallic, the Consulting Occultist details the life, thought, and possible Dreamlands influence of fin de siècle writer, ritualist and schmoozer Gerard Encausse.

Finally, our Dreamlands of Paris inspired sojourn in the Culture Hut continues with a look at that most contradictory of figures, the doctrinaire aesthetic revolutionary Andre Breton.

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8 Responses to “Episode 117: Covered in Cats and Croissant Crumbs”

  1. LJS says:

    Did you see this story about lost Chinese miners bodies in an Australian shipwreck? The insurance policy that their bodies go home no matter what has some plot seed potential.

  2. Cambias says:

    So there’s a guy with all kinds of obscure historical and esoteric knowledge hanging around Paris and Russia in the 1890s, meddling in society and politics, and goes by a monicker that means “The Doctor”?

    Just asking.

  3. […] been talking about Richard Sorge, foils in RPGs, Charles Richet, and an introduction to Surrealism; the head of Henry IV, character choice, Gerard Encausse, and Andre Breton. Dreamhounds and Dracula talk predominates but doesn’t overwhelm their […]

  4. Terry says:

    So what’s the real story behind the missing brains of dead mental patients?

  5. Thanks guys for another great show.

    I would like to hear you do segment on the Dyatlov pass incident. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about that subject and I would very much like to hear what your fevered minds would spin out of that one.

  6. Laroshe says:

    May I say, first of all, that KARTAS is the greatest experience I’ve ever had with podcasts or radio, every new episode is a gift and I’m separately a fan of Ken and Robin as radio hosts (I mean, as if there were two Ken and two Robins, two designers and two talk hosts, and I’ve grown to be an industrial-grade fan of all four of them).

    As I don’t have enough money to make a valuable donation to the podcast, I can only offer what I have. I’m russian and I have a master’s in russian literature. I also speak moderately good English. So if you ever, dear sirs, EVER need desciphering, reading, translating or explaining any russian news bit, piece of text or a classical novel, I’m glad to be of service. Free of any charges, just glad to help.
    Thank you for what you do.

    …and now to the reason I came back to the page and decided to write a comment. I lost my sleep over the idea of a rosicrucian sect war, the War of Roses. Are there any good books on the topic, academic or otherwise? I’d be glad to know there are.

  7. Bert says:

    Great common sense here. Wish I’d thhguot of that.

  8. Well, I have tickets to Sufjan Stevens’ upcoming Christmas extravaganza/concert. I’ve only ever seen him at a festival, so I’m looking forward to it. As far as way back love, which is sort of another genre that currently listening…I guess I’d go with Madonna. Although I do currently listen to her, too.

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