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Episode 153: Gen Con 2015 in Review

August 14th, 2015 | Robin

As the action opens in the Gaming Hut, we find Ken and Robin just one day back from Gen Con, punchy but unbowed. Hear them talk Diana Jones Awards, the new regime at Chaosium, and the great D&D resurgence. Make future spending plans as they recount such Pelgrane-rich announcements as The Fall of Delta Green, GUMSHOE One2One, and Robin Writes About Stuff. And as we mention a few of the panels we attended, steel yourself for a terrible revelation about the recording of our live episode. Yes, it’s all the thrills and spills you’ve come to expect from our traditional hour plus of Gen Con wrap.

Look out, Lieutenants of evil! The sinister mastermind you work for has taken some time to shake the post-conquest blues. But he’ll be back soon, and your survival depends on impressing him. Thankfully, our lead sponsor Atlas Games has just what you need: their delightful new card game of competitive minion-stacking, Three Cheers for Master.


12 Responses to “Episode 153: Gen Con 2015 in Review”

  1. Kalev Tait says:

    Given that the live episode has been lost, all I’ll likely do with the information is rue not comming to GenCon, but what was the NerdTrope card pair drawn during your live session?

  2. […] morning, I’m listening to the first segment of the most recent podcast of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, and Ken Hite is talking about how this the first year he didn’t get a chance to walk the […]

  3. Drew C says:

    Regarding Patreon, I have seen the following things as rewards for donors on other podcast Patreons that appealed to me:

    -Blooper reels/uncut episodes: I’m not sure how well this would actually work, but I’ve seen it as a reward and it sounded interesting.

    -Topic suggestion: Donors at X level for Y episodes can suggest a topic to be covered on a future episode. Given that you have mentioned a giant list of future topics, maybe allowing Donors to escalate favored topics to the top of the heap.

    -Show Notes: as you mentioned. These appeal to me very strongly as a reward, especially if they include footnotes/references. As a note in that vein, if you do show notes, putting amazon referral links in for referenced works (especially for Ken’s Bookshelf), might be an additional source of revenue. I’ve certainly dropped more than a few bucks on titles referenced here, and I’d be happy to see you guys get a well deserved cut from Amazon.

    • Robin says:

      Our bloopers aren’t much of a selling point. They consist of one of us garbling a sentence and then starting over.

      • Scott says:

        Great to hear about the possible Patreon. It seems like a great fit for the podcast.

        Ideally you can get an intern or motivated fan to do the heavy lifting for the show notes.
        That doesn’t seem like a good use of Ken’s time. The other podcasts that I listen to generally don’t have the podcasters themselves producing the notes. They also don’t need to be elaborate to be useful. I’d get huge utility just from a list of items and people mentioned on the show. That would save me from having to try and remember or write things down during the show.

        Another possibility for a backer award is access to a broadcast of your live shows. Periscope seems like a popular, easy to use video tool that people were using at GenCon. It might be a low effort/high return tool.

        Love the show and will be a happy Patreon backer once you launch!

  4. Tim says:

    Only been once but I feel Indianapolis is an underrated food city. You need to get out of the area near the convention center but I had a number of fine meals durning my stay. It was not like they are that far out really but maybe s bit farther than one wants to walk if you need to make it back but cabs were pretty cheap and easy to get.

    • Robin says:

      The conventioneer’s view is inevitably confined to the convention district. Travel time outside that area cuts into vital schmoozing hours.

      • Tim says:

        Given your lament about lack of schmooze time as GenCon crazy keeps peaking it makes perfect sense to optimize the time you have.

        On the shoe I wear (the convention goer show) I found that GenCon was so crazy that having a reason to leave the core was great to give me decompression time. It is amazing how exhausting being around such larges crowds was and how refreshing it was to walk into a restaurant with a well stocked bar that was not actually crowded and get a nice lunch and cocktail. Not exactly sure how you handle living in the pressure cooker for 5 days.

  5. tim says:

    I don’t know if you have seen this yet or not, but I think it might make for an interesting topic. A couple of scientists from MIT searched the internet looking for evidence of time travelers. The article is here:

  6. Johan Broman says:

    A question for ask Ken and Robin:
    I live in Sweden and as you know we have a pretty stable roleplaying comunity here. How alive is the hobby in other non english speaking countries? I once heard that Brazil had a booming roleplaying comunity.

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