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Episode 154: Orange and Tufty From the Primordial Swamp

August 21st, 2015 | Robin

The featured headgear in Among My Many Hats is of a knitted variety as Robin talks about Ghosts in the Black, the Firefly campaign book he contributed to, and just what his credited role as story designer entails.

Wistful nostalgia for the antics of a certain former Toronto mayor wafts through the Politics Hut like a melancholy fragrance from days gone by. But wait, can an unruly orange toupee fill the not inconsiderable hole he has left in the hearts of podcast listeners? We ask if Donald Trump can become America’s Rob Ford.

In Ask Ken and Robin, Laroshe asks about games in which a party of sidekicks revolves around a more powerful central hero.

Then the Consulting Occultist risks possible heckling from a brazen head as he looks at the life and legend of Roger Bacon.

Look out, Lieutenants of evil! The sinister mastermind you work for has taken some time to shake the post-conquest blues. But he’ll be back soon, and your survival depends on impressing him. Thankfully, our lead sponsor Atlas Games has just what you need: their delightful new card game of competitive minion-stacking, Three Cheers for Master.



Ken fans who did not partake of the Kickstarter will want to sink their fangs into the pre-order for the Dracula Dossier from Pelgrane Press, consisting of the Director’s Handbook and Dracula Unredacted.

Download your consciousness into the Kickstarter for Transreality: New Worlds, the identity-bending graphic novel from Chris Lackey. Your inner pink gorilla will thank you.


Pilot your sky galleon to the Zodiac Empires Kickstarter. Explore a world of early industrialization, weird cults and noir intrigue, suitable for such fantasy games as Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

12 Responses to “Episode 154: Orange and Tufty From the Primordial Swamp”

  1. Aaron says:

    Roger Bacon was in the Face in the Frost by John Bellairs 🙂 . Surprised this didn’t get a mention on the show.

  2. GB Steve says:

    Much as you have Donald Trump or Rob Ford, we have Boris Johnson. We all love buffoons it seems. And Boris was born in New York, so Ken could have him too.

  3. Jay Moore says:

    Hey guys – I kickstarted Dracula Dossier but only at the pdf level. Regret has set in! Now I want the print versions too, and have been eagerly awaiting the pre-order info to go up. I followed the link and checked all over the website but haven’t found how to preorder. A little help please?

  4. John Stewart says:

    Regarding presidential debates, I’ve been thinking about how debates are overrated. Actual elected officials, especially if they’re executives, don’t do anything like debating when they’re at their jobs. They have to make decisions based on information and advice. Sometimes, they give speeches and the like, but it’s mostly reading, listening, and calling shots (if they’re actually doing their jobs.) Here’s a modest proposal for a substitute: a role-playing game. On live television. GM’d by Ken and Robin.

    Here’s the basic idea. The GMs would generate a crisis situation for the presidential contender (one at a time) and his or her chosen cabinet. The cabinet would do their best to assemble relevant information– probably handouts– and generate advice. The candidate would then come up with a decision about how to address the problem. The GMs would then react as GMs normally do, sans dice (maybe.)

    In the hypothetical (and bizarro-world) situation in which you fine fellows are asked to emcee a series of such events for player character presidential candidates, what kinds of crises would you give them? Would you create realistic international terrorist trouble, or would you occasionally throw in something occult or extraterrestrial? What would you do?

    • Sheila says:

      I have long argued that candidates should be required to present their emergency plans for a zombie apocalypse.

  5. Terry says:

    USGS maps of the Moon seem to belong in the Cartography Hut:

  6. Wes says:

    I would gladly support the podcast on a regular basis with Patreon. Detailed show notes would be fantastic, especially of previous episodes.

  7. Tom says:

    Consulting Occultist! What is the best amulet?

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