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Episode 16: As Kenya is To Running

November 23rd, 2012 | Robin

Inspired by Christian Marclay’s cinechronological video installation The Clock, Gaming Hut examines time and pacing in roleplaying.

The Schaudenfreude Institute initiates a new PhD course and Ken plots a bold path forward for his beloved Republican party as we enter the ballot booth-like confines of the Politics Hut to mull the 2012 Presidential Election.

In Ask Ken and Robin, Justin Mohareb, in a cleverly submitted audio question, asks Robin to expound on his theory of the one okay game store.

Finally, we power down the cloaking device concealing our brand-new Tradecraft Hut to look at the Petraeus resignation and its place in the history of sexual security scandals.

10 Responses to “Episode 16: As Kenya is To Running”

  1. John F Rauchert says:

    For meta-time rules, I have had a soft spot in my head for the City Catch-Up rules in Midkemia Press’ Cities Book. Basically they cover activities in the City that players get up to between dungeon delving.

    A sample can be found starting on page 21 of the following:

    A friend of mine and I expanding this into a character generation system that basically allowed you to roleplay the character’s life up to when they started adventuring in the group.

    It worked well except that I felt that the Character Gen was more fun than the actual roleplaying because your progression slowed to a Glacial pace once you started the game because you were now playing more day-by-day.

  2. Conrad Kinch says:

    James Maliszewski at Grognardia has written at length about the implied Christianity of early D&D and Father Dave over at The Blood of Prokopius has written a reimagining of an early D&D module with an explicitly Christian gloss.

    How do you think roleplaying games in general handle the worlds largest religion? Do you think that rpgs can grapple seriously with philosophical or religious questions?

  3. Theron Bretz says:

    I’m finally caught up on the back episodes. Wonderful stuff, kudos to you both.

    I particularly enjoy the Consulting Occultist segments and have a question inspired by them: What is the current ‘hotness” in occult circles? If I’m setting a game in 2012 (nearly 2013) and I want to give it the gloss of realism, who in occult circles should I name-check to seem au courant, and what mind-bending eldritch horrors can I blame on them?

  4. Michael at Play says:

    Something to consider next week: Game design that doesn’t consider how satisfying a move might be for the mover alone, but for all players:

  5. walkerp says:

    I’m typing this after having just finished listening to the first segment. Right after Robin concludes and says that “we will now walk from the gaming hut to another hut” I imagined you two in long spaghetti western dusters walking in super slo-mo from one native-style hut to another. 🙂

  6. Rusty says:

    Hi Guys,
    Ken, your synopsis of MouseGuard’s seasons wasnt exactly right. The seasons are present independent of whether its the GM or Player’s turn.


    • Rusty says:

      ok, I dont know why this isnt bloody working!

      • Rusty says:

        Check out Story Games dot com website. Thread about a game that Burning Wheel HQ seems to be working on (a MouseGaurd variant) where time and resource management are central.

        Apparently I’m too stupid to work out how to post a thread from the forum. Its called “Lets talk about dungeoneers & dragonslayers bwhqs advanced backpack simulator”.


  7. Gene Ha says:

    Just listened to the Politics Hut, 65 days after the election and 16 days after you posted the podcast.

    That was the best election dueling commentary I’ve heard. I don’t think you’re the two best informed commentators I’ve listened to, but you’re both well informed and neither of you cares to cheerlead for one side.

    Ken: My advice, in the grand tradition of everyone giving advice to the losing party, is to do things more like me….


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