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Episode 17: A Gorgeous Work of Rosicrucian Monomania

November 28th, 2012 | Robin

In Ask Ken and Robin, we examine the popularity, or lack thereof, of the western as a roleplaying genre, and point to models historical and cinematic for the adventuring party in spurs and Stetsons.

We venture into a particularly cramped and cluttered iteration of the Cartography Hut to spin a passel of story threads from the real-life tale of the Mount Washington map hoard.

With zombie-like tread we shamble down the aisles of the Cinema Hut to chew over the career of director George A. Romero.

Then Time Incorporated once more dispatches Ken’s Time Machine, this time to prevent the murder of Salvador Allende and the ensuing ascension to power of Augusto Pinochet.

8 Responses to “Episode 17: A Gorgeous Work of Rosicrucian Monomania”

  1. John F Rauchert says:

    The Cartography Hut confirms my belief that with reality being stranger than fiction, if you can’t come up with a CoC scenario, you are just not trying hard enough.

  2. Richard Hellsten says:

    Simple question for Ask Ken and Robin: What are the best published modules/adventures and why?

  3. James McGlothlin says:

    Hey Guys,

    [I had posted the following comment in the “About” section on November 18th. I’m moving it to here in case you missed it.]

    Love your podcast! Even though it’s mainly about game design, I love all of the “stuff” you guys talk about. Very interesting.

    I was at a conference this past week [November 13-16th] in Milwaukee and could not help going on a little DnD nerd pilgrimage after academic duties were served. Using Robin’s book *40 Years of Gen Con* I was able to locate in Milwaukee Renaissance Books (which evidently has only recently gone out of business) and the Safe House bar. In addition I took a very short trek over to Lake Geneva and, again with the help of Robin’s book, found the original TSR offices, Gary Gygax’s home, and the original locations for the first Gen Cons.

    I’m not sure which hut this might go under (The Nostalgia Hut?) but I’d love to hear some reminisces concerning the “golden age” of gaming (70s? 80s?), especially any anecdotes from early Gen Cons or encounters with well-known giants in the field: Gygax, Sandy Petersen, etc. Just a suggestion.

  4. Daniel says:

    Hi Ken and Robin, I love your podcast and I’ve got a question:

    Imagine you were followed by Sherlock Holmes. A horrible image, I know! But how would you escape the Great Detective and cover up your tracks? Is it even possible? I’d love to hear the story of Ken and Robin vs Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

    Greetings from Germany

  5. GB Steve says:

    Now that the US election shennanigans are over, Canadian politics has had an exciting development, what has happened to the Mayor of Toronto?

  6. Tom Clare says:

    While I haven’t played ‘Boot Hill’ for years, I still think of it as the best western rpg, and I regularly pull out my 3rd edition to mine for ideas. For an early-ish TSR product it is amazing how far Boot Hill was allowed to move from the standard D&D mechanics (it had no character classes!), and instead use rules that made sense for the genre.

    Perhaps it’s just nostalgia, but the game seems to have more atmosphere than the other western rpgs I have collected (though I have a soft spot for ‘Dust Devils’).

    Listening to you guys talking has inspired me to pull Boot Hill off the shelf again, and see if I can round up seven friends who want to head down south of the border and save a small village…

  7. Darren Watts says:

    Wait a sec- “one of two new myths of the 20th Century?” Which of Superman or Godzilla am I wrong about? 😉 dw

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