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Episode 19: Live from Dragonmeet 2012

December 14th, 2012 | Robin

Join us for our first episode recorded in front of a live audience, in the council chambers at Kensington Town Hall as part of Dragonmeet 2012. We welcome special guest Simon Rogers for an uber edition of Ask Ken and Robin, which in turn encompasses a panoply of our trademark huts. In the process as we talk Pelgrane Plans, the experience of publishing, digital tools, dino-riding samurai, crowdfunded exhumations and why a question about the Spanish Inquisition and the Illuminati hardly counts as a question at all.

8 Responses to “Episode 19: Live from Dragonmeet 2012”

  1. Ian says:

    This was great fun to go to. I hope we can have the random card segment again. Thanks to Ken for selling me and signing my copy of NBA. I haven’t read much of it but I’ve enjoyed working my way through the sources section.

  2. GB Steve says:

    “Anticipatorily Correct” is a banker.

  3. Conrad Kinch says:

    Call of Cthulhu players often express an interest in and liking for the games Jazz Age setting and CoC is frequently played in different eras. Do you think Call of Cthulhu in some ways represents a nerd troping of a historical game – which traditionally have not been that successful (poor old Flashing Blades! and Privateers and Gentlemen) unless they have a supernatural or other nerd friendly element?

    Secondly, where can I get a hard copy of Dubious Shards?

  4. Kenneth Hite says:

    Conrad: I’ll save your first question for the show (short answer: yes), but as befits a question of low, ruinous commerce, I’ll answer your second fully here. I’m not sure there are any more hard copies of Dubious Shards to be had; due to the specifics of the license from Pagan, we could only sell the one print run, and it’s gone from our basements and garages.

    • Conrad Kinch says:

      Much obliged old chap – with that in mind, I have bought the PDF. I suppose I’ll have got get in touch with Lulu or my local print shop to run me up a copy. PDFs may be a fine way to sell RPG material, but they damn well don’t furnish a room.

      I shall look forward to hearing your thoughts on the first question – keep up the good work.

      Wishing you and Brother Laws a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

  5. Tim Daly says:

    I’m really excited to hear about Second Edition TOC. Any chance you’ll be able to elaborate on any more changes soon? Besides the Magic system, is it mostly tweaks or any other major overhauls?

  6. Dave says:

    It was fun being in the live audience for this. Ken & Robin where working all day on the Pelgrane booth as well, and I managed to grab a very quick Q&A with them to get some advice on running ToC.

    For the next episode I would like to hear some tips on bringing the 1930’s era setting to life for my players.

  7. Andrew Walters says:

    Simon describes an unpublished RPG called “Quest”, but I can’t seem to find any more about it. Was it ever published? Perhaps under another name?

    Is it unreasonable to put a question in here two years later?

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