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Episode 20: Twentieth Century Eccentrics

December 21st, 2012 | Robin

In our final episode of 2012, we issue a Travel Advisory on our recent trip to Dragonmeet in London. A seamless segue then ushers us to the wonder of Ken’s Bookshelf, in which Robin vicariously enjoys the impressive pile of tomes Ken liberated from the British Isles during his journey.

With yet another end of the world imminent, we are then behooved to cut the ribbon on the Mythology Hut to consider the State of the Apocalypse, 2012 edition.

In Ask Ken and Robin, we ponder the ideal RPG rules set for the play-by-forum format.

We close with another visit to the Consulting Occultist, who this time around delves into the murky facts behind a reputed 17th century French Satanism outbreak, better known as the Affair of the Poisons.


We’ll be back on Jan 11, 2013 with our next new episode. Until then, please accept the seasonal greeting of your choice and have a safe and pleasant holiday!

8 Responses to “Episode 20: Twentieth Century Eccentrics”

  1. John F Rauchert says:

    Ooo, paint me jealous (And shuddering fear, and green-eyed jealousy!).

    The last time my wife was in London, she had a hotel room just around the corner from Treadwell’s.

  2. GB Steve says:

    It strikes me that perhaps you’ve not been to Skoobs, the bookshop which published Outside the Circles of Time. I don’t think the publish any more and their stock is generally prosaic but they have a good history section. It’s near Russell Square tube station, hidden underneath a shopping centre.

  3. I couldn’t write down all of the titles in the Ken’s Bookshelf segment. Would someone provide a list of books so I can build up my own memorial library?


  4. sandchigger says:

    Any idea why this podcast shows a release date of 12/14 instead of the actual 12/21 date?

  5. Justin F says:


    On Nazi occultism, Nicholas Goodrick Clarke is very well regarded for sound research. I can personally recommend ‘The Occult Roots of Nazism’.

    Nicholas Goodrick Clarke
    The Occult Roots of Nazism

  6. Conrad Kinch says:

    I greatly enjoyed Ken’s Bookshelf – is there any chance that this could be a recurring feature?

  7. See below says:

    Just a bon mot to let you guys know I am perplexed by Robin’s memory and ability to recall recondite and fortuitous events. Alas, events conspired against a reconstruction of similar events for Dragonmeet 2012.


    Stroopwaffelen Tube guy.

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