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Episode 199: Not That That’s What Time Travelers Say

July 15th, 2016 | Robin

In Ask Ken and Robin, Patreon backer Conrad Kinch asks what the cruel empire of Tsan-Chan might be up to in 5000 AD. The answer might surprise him!

Now that you’ve worked your way through the filmography we provided in our Westerns 101 segment, the Cinema Hut rides back to the corral to pick some deeper cuts. Yes, it’s Westerns 201.

Fun With Science tackles a question from supporter Antti Elomaa: “Aside from building Geiger-counters and scientific apparatii, what use could one have for pre-nuclear steel, main source of which is the German WWI fleet scuttled at Scapa Flow?”

Then we’re back in the parlor of the Consulting Occultist to hear the tale of reputed 16th century sorcerer Rinaldo des Trois-Echelles du Mayne.

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4 Responses to “Episode 199: Not That That’s What Time Travelers Say”

  1. Auger says:

    in france you also have the Merovingian (the da vinci code) thing and the Tarasque. how they fit in with witches and werewolves, is any ones guess.

  2. Steve Dempsey says:

    In the UK we have Schroedinger’s Brexit, a temporal instability that is having repurcussions around the world as we flip from In to Out and back again.

    Ken, when Time Incorporated send you back in time to finally settle things one way or the other, what were the pros and cons of either option and what finally settled it?

  3. Steve Dempsey says:

    Robin, when Bunuel and Dali return to the Dreamlands, one of the first things Luis sees is that Moon has been replaced by a giant eye that has stitches across its middle and glares at him with intense hatred.

    Whilst dealing with the repurcussions of this is in the Dreamlands is hard enough, what affect is this having in the more usual Paris? And whose eye is this there?

  4. Ed says:

    Movies mentioned in the cinema hut (and available on Amazon Prime as of July 2016)
    I’ve not seen any of these and wanted a list.
    Jeremiah Johnson
    Johnny Guitar
    Rancho Notorious
    Forty Guns
    The professionals (Starz)
    McCabe & Mrs. Miller
    Buffalo Bill and The Indians
    Drums Along the Mohawk
    Terror in a Texas Town (amazon prime)
    The Proposition
    The shooting (amazon prime)
    Fort Apache

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