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Episode 242: Brain Out

May 19th, 2017 | Robin

The Gaming Hut has a thatched roof this time out as we riff a cast of pseudo-medieval villagers for your next F20.

In The Business of Gaming we puzzle the mystery of the generic supplement.

In the Food Hut we look at foodstuffs as treasure.

Finally we pry open the bars of the Eliptony Hut for the story of Lulu Hurst, the Wonder of Georgia, who in the 1880s claimed that she gained superhuman strength through contact with the Force.

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3 Responses to “Episode 242: Brain Out”

  1. Tim Emrick says:

    As a Green Ronin fanboy, I loved the Freeport callout in the generic supplement segment! I can’t say for certain that there are “pages and pages” of info on using Freeport with the Forgotten Realms, but it’s certainly been discussed on the Green Ronin forums from time to time. And I can confirm that the stranger mashups do get more attention. (I’ve personally blogged about mixing Freeport and Blue Rose, and once sold an article to Pyramid about setting Freeport in Lovecraft’s Dreamlands.)

  2. Tim Emrick says:

    And now I want to see a game, comic, or movie of the Magnetic Girls featuring the mysterious airships of the 1890s–either as a supervillains’ vehicles, or as the Girls’ own high-speed transport (ala the X-men’s Blackbird).

  3. Steve Dempsey says:

    Tesla Girls, Tesla Girls …

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