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Episode 253: That’s More of a Gloss on Aristotle

August 4th, 2017 | Robin

The Gaming Hut falls all over itself answering a question from Patreon backer Daniel Krauklis: “What does the choice to have fumbles in your rules that tell us about your game and the moral universe in which the characters operate?”

We fortify the Cartography Hut for a workshop on designing strategic locations into your world.

How to Write Good examines tragedy and anagnorisis.

And the Consulting Occultist gets all semiotic to reply to a query from Patreon backer Polydamas on what the Secret Masters were up to when they invented post-modernism.

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4 Responses to “Episode 253: That’s More of a Gloss on Aristotle”

  1. Will Ferguson says:

    Anyone having problems downloading this week’s show?
    The usual long press on the download button is instantly showing a “download failed” message rather than beginning the usual download process

    • Will Ferguson says:

      Ah! Well this is embarrassing, it certainly works now.

      Thanks computer people and / or passing deities


  2. Adam Baulderstone says:

    A game with a fumble mechanic and no critical mechanic is Ghostbusters, from game designing super team of Sandy Petersen, Lynn Willis and Greg Stafford. It was the first dice pool system, and your pool always included the Ghost Die, which was a six-sider with a Ghostbusters logo on one face. If that face came up, something bad happened regardless of whether you succeeded or not.

    This was a comedy game, so having something ridiculous come up once in every six rolls worked just fine. It was also a very light system, so the number of rolls in a session wasn’t that high.

    My players looked for opportunities to be funny in that game, so rolling a ghost was greeted with enthusiasm. It was also a system with no death, so you didn’t have to worry about a bad roll causing you to cut your own head off.

  3. Finn Cullen says:

    I was just musing on Macbeth as your tragedy section progressed and thinking how far short he fell from the usual Tragic figure and then as if you were reading my mind you unpacked the whole character. Great work guys!

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