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Episode 257: Gen Con 2017

September 1st, 2017 | Robin


Annual traditions happen only once a year, and since Gen Con has now happened fifty times, we must bring you an extra special convention review Gaming Hut.

With a Travel Advisory on something that won’t happen for a long time or possibly ever–Ken’s journey into  eclipse totality!

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In Unknown Armies, Atlas Games’ modern-day, occult roleplaying game, you play the heroically broken people who conspire to fix the world. That conspiracy just got easier, with the arrival of the game on store shelves near you!

The book has been written. The book has been read. Now it rewrites you. Across time it spreads, creating dread new realities. And you’re in all of them. Robin’s epic new GUMSHOE project, The Yellow King Roleplaying Game has concluded its Kickstarter run, but is now available for pre-order at the Pelgrane Store for those who missed it.

Do intervals between episodes plunge you into Hite withdrawal? Never fear! his brilliant pieces on parasitic gaming, alternate Newtons, Dacian werewolves and more now lurk among the sparkling bounty of The Best of FENIX Volumes 1-3, from returning sponsors Askfageln. Yes, it’s Sweden’s favorite RPG magazine, now beautifully collected. Warning: not in Swedish.

John Scott Tynes’ Puppetland is ready to knock the stuffing out of a game store near you in its gorgeous new full-color hardcover edition. Join the good folks at Arc Dream in battling the horrific forces of Punch the Maker-Killer!

3 Responses to “Episode 257: Gen Con 2017”

  1. Steve Dempsey says:

    Can we be sure that same Ken who went into the shadow is the same one who emerged? Or perhaps Ken is like light, his anti-particle is the same as the particle.

  2. Steve Dempsey says:

    I used to be an Indie voter too but I gave it up also because I hadn’t seen many of the nominated entries

  3. KenR says:

    I know that recipes are generally not how the Food Hut rolls, but a Ken and Robin Cook Stuff publication of some kind – even if it’s just an occasional See Page XX article – would be delightful. I quite liked the Mythos drink recipes this month, for instance.

    If it is well-received, maybe collect it as a pdf spin-off?

    I am glad to hear that the Dramatic Interactions Masterclass and Gaming Saves the World will be posted in their entirety in the future. I was sorry to miss them this year.

    I also followed the eclipse adventure thread on twitter from one of Ken’s fellow travelers and it sounded like quite the journey.

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