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Episode 261: Them Doritos is Rigged!

September 29th, 2017 | Robin

Hold onto your wallet when you enter this Gaming Hut. It’s full of scamsters, as we look at clipjoint towns in F20 games.

Patreon backer Elias Helfer digs into the files for a declassified Tradecraft Hut as he asks for the 101 on espionage in WWI.

Then Ken and/or Robin Talk To Someone Else, as Green Ronin’s Nicole Lindroos shows us the ropes of game company management.

Finally it’s time for some Fun With Science, as backer Allen Wilkins wants to know what’s really going on with NASA’s bacterial balloons.

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2 Responses to “Episode 261: Them Doritos is Rigged!”

  1. Tim Emrick says:

    Nicole Lindroos and the other Ronins are awesome people, and a real pleasure to work with. I’ve been lucky enough to land a handful of proofreading, editing, and writing gigs with them, and I always look forward to my next opportunity to do so again.

  2. KenR says:

    So I am a microbiologist, and as much as I hate to invoke the “well, actually..” spell..

    The last segment mostly checks out (bacterial soul slivers, NASA’s long term plans with regard to Martians, and so on) but there is a distinction when it comes to alcohol production. Bacteria are actually only involved/desirable in a very specific subset of drinks, mostly sour beers. Instead, it is yeast – single celled eukaryotes that have a nucleus like we do – that do the heavy lifting when it comes to fermentation.

    In fact, the sour mash that’s so distinctive in American bourbons is mostly used to acidify the sugar-water and make it inhospitable to bacteria, while the yeast are still able to thrive and ferment. The use of hops in beer also works as an anti-bacterial preservative and was one of the reasons that they came into use long ago.

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