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Episode 262: Profit Motive and a Fast Boat

October 6th, 2017 | Robin

Robin is back from his annual sojourn to the Toronto International Film Festival, so it’s time to open up the Cinema Hut to alert you to the best and nerdiest of the 44 titles he saw there. From zombies to noir, he’s got your watch list for the next 12-18 months.

In the Gaming Hut we look at the causes and implications of the biggest story in tabletop RPGs these days, the great D&D resurgence.

Following up on a past visit to the Mythology Hut, we deliver on our promise to talk about the mythic shift undertaken by the vampire, from predatory monster to romantic hero.

Then at the barked command of stalwart Patreon backer Jeromy French, we take a turbulent voyage to a highly fortified History Hut to deliver the 101 on the Barbary Pirates.

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6 Responses to “Episode 262: Profit Motive and a Fast Boat”

  1. Steve Dempsey says:

    A certain Barbary pirate features in Fearful Symmetries.

  2. During the Resurgence section, Ken said something to the effect of ‘You have to start a new kind of game when going to high school to college, because high school stuff isn’t cool anymore’ and I rather smugly said to myself ‘Oh no, I wasn’t that bad…’ then enlightenment dawned like a hammer to face and I yelled out loud ‘OH GOD, Vampire! Shadowrun! WARHAMMER 40K!!!’

    Which really startled the hell out of the poor guy in the car next to me.

  3. Tim Emrick says:

    Your comments on the appeal of 3e vs. 4e vs. 5e vs. Pathfinder were spot-on. My interest in Pathfinder followed directly from a decade of acquiring system mastery in 3.5, but I also find 5e refreshing in its simplicity. 5e is much easier to teach to my middle-school-aged kids, though they have tried and enjoy Pathfinder as well.

  4. Cambias says:

    Vampires getting sexy may also have happened because the ecological niche was open. Fairies had previously been the sexy/dangerous supernatural creatures, but after the Renaissance they got cute and comical, no longer either sexy or dangerous. So by the 19th century there was a need for a new monster to embody sexual danger, so vampires (who had been more like modern zombies) moved right in.

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