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Episode 277: Knife Fight in the Afterlife

January 26th, 2018 | Robin

Ladies and tigers abound as the Gaming Hut looks at story choices and how players respond to them.

Then Patreon backer Scott Wachter dusts off the Archaeology Hut to ask why King Tut armed himself with a meteor dagger.

Move over, Project Blue Book. There’s a new defunct US government effort to investigate UFOs in town. We duck into the Eliptony Hut to discuss AATIP.

Finally we fill the Cinema Hut with spoilers as we power up our takes on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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6 Responses to “Episode 277: Knife Fight in the Afterlife”

  1. mrm1138 says:

    The device being used to keep track of Rey is a two-way device, meaning that both the tracker and the person being tracked must have a device. The reason the resistance was so surprised by the First Order’s hyperspace tracking is because they did not need to put a tracking device on any of the resistance’s ships. Otherwise all Finn and Rose would’ve had to do is find out which ship was being tracked and remove the tracking device instead of sneaking onto the First Order dreadnought to disable the device.

  2. SigilOfVraniel says:

    Oh man, just when I felt like I had already escaped all of the TLJ discourse…

    The idea that the Star Wars Story Group _totally_ has a plan seemed to have been accepted by most people, until TLJ… That’s what worries me most.

    I liked it overall and definitely could’ve done with improvements to the Poe/Holdo arc and a de-emphasis on the very kid-friendly Rose/Finn arc (though I like Rose as an addition to the cast).

    I am looking forward to Rian Johnson’s solo trilogy. I think he would do well if he was telling a full story with his own toys rather than the Story Group’s.

  3. Michael Daumen says:

    The correct answer to “which sweater should I knit” is “knit me socks.”

  4. malkav11 says:

    I don’t recall Poe having all that much presence in The Force Awakens (and even that is probably magnified by how magnetic I find Oscar Isaac). His screen time was so massively expanded in The Last Jedi that I question the conclusion that Rian Johnson wasn’t interested in him. I think it’s rather tougher to dispute the idea that he didn’t quite know what to do with him.

  5. There is a song on Blink-182`s Enema of the State called Àliens Exist.

    This is turning into a “I Gave You All the Clues” situation

  6. Cambias says:

    I think the reason poor Poe Dameron keeps getting under-utilized is that Oscar Isaacs has such immense effortless charisma that the directors are afraid he’ll just walk off with the whole damned movie if they don’t keep him in a box.

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