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Episode 286: Guy Across the Stupid Mountain

March 30th, 2018 | Robin


Keep a close eye on your open beverage as the Gaming Hut spins a Fall of DELTA GREEN arc from that most notorious of covert programs, MKULTRA.

The Food Hut goes sequel for Instant Pot II: The Instant Pottening.

Look over your shoulder for copycats as the Horror Hut investigates doppelgangers and body snatchers.

One more warning: keep swords safely stored in their stones as the Eliptony Hut gives the 101 on historical Arthur theories. [Here’s Dr. Caitlin Green’s superb fun-ruiner deluxe/grownup literature review as mentioned at the end of this segment: The Historicity and Historicisation of Arthur” –KH]

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5 Responses to “Episode 286: Guy Across the Stupid Mountain”

  1. Russell Sinclair says:

    “I put my clothes on the scarecrow”

    “Really? Gee, It’s not even my birthday!”

    — My favourite moment from this episode

  2. Tim Emrick says:

    When I was a freshman at Denison University back in 1988, I took an English course on Celtic literature. Among other things, we read “Y Gododdin,” “The Mabinogion,” and one of Geoffrey Ashe’s books about Arthur. Our professor, the Merlin-esque Tony Stoneburner, arranged for Ashe to visit Denison that term, where he gave a talk about his latest pet research project, the goddess cult of the Virgin Mary. Our lit class was very small, so we were all invited to have dinner with Ashe before his lecture, and I was one of the ones who accepted. (Geek out on medieval history at a fancy restaurant on the school’s tab? Yes, please!) I recall Ashe being a very pleasant fellow in person, and almost the perfect picture of an avuncular British academic.

  3. If you find the broth in your stew to be consistently thicker, you can add dumplings it. Whip up biscuits and instead of baking them, put them in the stew.

  4. mrm1138 says:

    Another noteworthy thing about the documentary Gimme Shelter is that one of the camera operators was a young, pre-THX-1138 George Lucas.

  5. Cambias says:

    Dorothy L. Sayers got into the doppelganger business in one of her Lord Peter Wimsey short stories. There’s a putative scientific explanation, but the story leans heavily on evil twins, Jekyll-and-Hyde personalities, and the creepiness of mirrors. Great fun.

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