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Episode 287: In League With Leopard Seals

April 6th, 2018 | Robin

Robin tries out a new maxim in That Thing I Always Say: in a game RPG session, the only way to go off track is a dead end.

In The Culture of Gaming, we look at gatekeeping, which rears its head once more with the rise of streamed play.

Finally, in Ken’s Bookshelf, our resident bibliomane caresses the teetering pile of books he liberated from Moe’s Books in the Bay Area.

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4 Responses to “Episode 287: In League With Leopard Seals”

  1. lugnutism says:

    I really hope this episode isn’t what puts our hosts onto the radar screen of the online harassment brigade. Gatekeeping is what causes hobbies to shrink, age, and stultify, which has the result of making it harder for professionals to make a living FOR the hobby.

  2. John Rauchert says:

    I used the Scythians Osprey book as a source for my prototypical Nomadic horse people rather than doing a Mongol pastiche back in the day.

  3. Stacy Forsythe says:

    I can sort of understand the semantic point that if you haven’t played the game even once, you’re not a gamer, just as even the most dedicated football fan is not a football player. The fans are still recognized as an important part of the football world, though, which I fear that our gatekeepers don’t want to do.

  4. Phil Masters says:

    It may be too late to hope that gaming may escape the Curse of Python, given that Netflix has apparently just acquired the complete run…

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