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Episode 288: Grift the Pope

April 13th, 2018 | Robin

Another all-request episode begins in the Gaming Hut, as Patreon backer Ruth Tillman asks us how we might game Annihilation in both its film and novel iterations.

We head into the Book Hut at the behest of backer Sean Gomez, who wants to know more about Ken’s recent William Haggard fixation and spy thriller inspiration for Fall of DELTA GREEN more generally.

In Ask Ken and Robin backer Louis Sylvester asks Robin, and also Ken, about devices to incorporate weird sounds and other subtle horror moments into games and fiction.

Finally, in the History Hut, with indulgences purchased by backer Jacob Ansari, we investigate the career of the pretender-monk Paul Palaiologos Tagaris.

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3 Responses to “Episode 288: Grift the Pope”

  1. How about a segment on Nicklaus Olahus, particularly as a candidate for Dracula in a Dracula Dossier campaign?

    • Stacy Forsythe says:

      I looked that guy up based on your question, and he seems like a fairly beloved archbishop of his day. What aspects of his story make him a possible Dracula?

  2. Ken R says:

    The Annihilation segment had an unwholesome bounty of ideas. I especially liked the gradually unfolding list of disorders. And putting the hypnotic control element in the hands of each player instead of one psychiatrist character is a great way to work that element into the story without actually removing too much agency.

    Altogether, I feel like Ten Candles (slightly modified) could provide a great way to handle the Annihilation experience. Each player could secretly contribute an aspect of strangeness to the shimmer (instead of Them as the game default). If you add in the lists of disorders sketched in the episode, I think you’re most of the way there.

    Visually, I like the idea of substituting the burned cards for a bowl of water where the ink would run together – though the candles (or an equivalent) would still be needed for the pacing.

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