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Episode 307: Nobody Wants to Be a Gate

August 24th, 2018 | Robin


Patreon backers, specifically Patreon backer Brian Malcolm, demand yet more dungeon talk from us in the Gaming Hut. How do you lend a dungeon complex a narrative quality, instead of making it a random collection of rooms and fights?

In Ken and/or Robin Talk to Someone Else, Christoph Sapinsky tells us about his new hard SF game Free Spacer, now Kickstarting.

In Ask Ken and Robin, backer David Shaw wonders what would happen if you managed to engrave the Elder Sign on Cthulhu.

Finally backer Hal Mangold asks the Consulting Occultist to review the career of Australian artist and Pagan sex magician Rosaleen Norton.

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4 Responses to “Episode 307: Nobody Wants to Be a Gate”

  1. Perra Dox says:

    Aaah….Rosaleen Norton, the so called Witch of King’s Cross. Learned about her from a wonderful blog called Strange Flowers, an excellent font of knowledge and fun.

  2. Phil Masters says:

    I always admired dungeons which had a story behind them – an explanation for why they were there, which still justified the presence of an assortment of monsters lurking in rooms and jumping on visitors. At the best, discovering the nature of this backstory would be the key for adventurers getting a full load of loot out of the place. That way, minimaxer/combat wombat players would have an incentive to investigate narrative and characterisation.

    But then, the first issue of White Dwarf I bought was the one containing “The Lichway”…

  3. It was really awesome to get to talk with Ken and Robin at GenCon!

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