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Episode 310: The Social Media Impact of Ulthar

September 14th, 2018 | Robin


The Gaming Hut makes room for our collection of crystal balls as Patreon backer Rob Towell asks for hints on GMing prophecies and divinations.

The Crime Blotter looks at a rash of highly professional heists targeting relics looted from the Old Summer Palace and held in European museums.

Patreon backer Polydamas asks us to have Fun With Science and the 1920s invasion of sea lampreys into the Great Lakes.

Finally backer Derek Upham visits the Consulting Occultist for a look at artist James Bridle, who has constructed a magic circle to trap self-driving cars.

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6 Responses to “Episode 310: The Social Media Impact of Ulthar”

  1. Lee Williams says:

    Reprogramming the traffic lights of an Italian city is a major plot point of the classic 1969 movie “The Italian Job”, although those Minis definitely weren’t self-driving!

  2. gordsellar says:

    Hey, just a shout out to say at least *one* listener out there remembers the TV show SEEING THINGS back in the 80s. It was fun, especially for a kid living in Northern Saskatchewan. And… since Robin brought up long-running Canadian TV series, weren’t there also some prophetic visions in THE BEACHCOMBERS? (They worked the same was, from the little I recall.)

  3. Chris Nolen says:

    I visited the Munch Museum in Oslo last month, which has a LOT more security than other museums – bags went in a locker, and we passed through a metal detector. Also, the two paintings that were stolen in 2004 were NOT on display.

    What happens when the twelve zodiac heads are reunited?

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