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Episode 354: It Ain’t That Non-Euclidean

July 26th, 2019 | Robin

An all request episode kicks off with a co-production between the Gaming Hut teams and our Tell Me More benefit for Patreon backers. Backers Mike Marlow and Kevin J. Maroney, seeing the Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff capsule review of Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans’ graphic novel DIE, want to hear more. This expands into a wider discussion of how RPGs are depicted in fiction.

Backer Steve Sick beckons us into a mossy southern version of the History Hut, asking what we can do with legendary Louisiana governor Huey Long.

In Ask Ken and Robin, backer Polydamas points out that fun ruiners are trying to ruin the qi-lin, antlered magical creature of China and beyond. We restore the fun to this most benevolent of chimeras.

Finally, in Fun With Science, Drew asks us to examine another weirdo USAF proposal, which had them wondering just how many jet engines it would take to halt the earth’s rotation.

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One Response to “Episode 354: It Ain’t That Non-Euclidean”

  1. Douglas Sundseth says:

    Pronunciation note: “qi” in a Pinyin transliteration is pronounced quite a bit like “chee” would be in most versions of English. It would never be anything like “kai”.

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