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Episode 364: In the World of Awful Meats

October 4th, 2019 | Robin

The PCs are being pursued! Run to the Gaming Hut to learn how to make this fun!

A sinister substances drips in your direction! Creep into the Horror Hut for an examination of ooze horror.

Fill your cart with processed junk as the Food Hut contemplates objectively terrible comestibles at least one of us loves.

Get communal, or at least manufacture a fork or two, as we enter the Eliptony Hut to make up something fun about 19th century preacher—some might say cult leader—John Humphrey Noyes.

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What’s worse—yet even more pulse-poundingly exciting—than being a burned spy on the run from an international vampire conspiracy? Going it alone, as you do in Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan’s brilliant adaptation of GUMSHOE One-2-One to the shadowy world of Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops, from Pelgrane Press.

Ken’s latest roleplaying game, The Fall of Delta Green, is now available in print or PDF or both from Pelgrane Press. Journey to the head-spinning chaos of the late 1960s, back when everyone’s favorite anti-Cthulhu special ops agency hadn’t gone rogue yet, for this pulse-pounding GUMSHOE game of war, covert action, and Mythos horror.

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Arc Dream Publishing presents a gorgeous new edition of Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow, a deluxe hardback in delightful faux snakeskin, with a foreword by John Scott Tynes, annotations by our own Kenneth Hite, and stunning full-pate color  illustrations by Samuel Araya. Grab it while it lasts in the Arc Dream store.

3 Responses to “Episode 364: In the World of Awful Meats”

  1. Doc Cross says:

    I have seen macaroni & cheese loaf at a WalMart here in California. I notified the EPA.

    As for Burrito Supremes and Fluff, both of those almost make be doubt my atheism in favor of a real Satan, who tempts is with tasty sins.

    And flavored cream cheese is why my wife no longer lets me walk up the dairy/cheese aisle unaccompanied.

  2. John Rauchert says:

    My wife looks askance at me when I bring Cheez Whiz into the house. Good to know there is another person riding the whiz out there.

    I am also on board with Kraft slices and with the upcoming Canadian Thanksgiving I will hunkering down to turkey, mayo and Kraft slice bunwiches (microwaved just enough to get the slices melting).

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