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Episode 370: Dire, Satanic Chili

November 15th, 2019 | Robin


We show up in the Gaming Hut with our usual punctuality to look at ways of handling player absences.

Crime Blotter looks at video games as a platform for money laundering.

Beloved Patreon backer Steve Dempsey invites us to the Food Hut for a bowl of chili, or at least some palaver and history concerning this iconic and weirdly controversial dish.

And finally, in Ask Ken and Robin, backer Michael Gemar invites us to riff on the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, a kickstarted temple to art and psychedelic mysticism, complete with bread and breakfast.

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4 Responses to “Episode 370: Dire, Satanic Chili”

  1. Doc Cross says:

    Although I will agree to disagree with Ken about beans in chili, I agree 100% about that concoction from Cincinnati. As for that “Chili Sauce”, I can only assume that snowmobiling in Canada causes madness.

    For a fine chili recipe, I refer you to Alton Brown’s version of chili from the “The Big Chili” episode.

  2. Douglas Sundseth says:

    Any discussion of chile that doesn’t discuss the Official New Mexico State Question is deeply flawed. Sad, even. And definitely a sign of the approaching apocalypse, or dogs and cats living together (assuming there’s a difference). 8-(

    The _correct_ answer to that question, of course, is “Green”.


    For reference:

  3. james burns says:

    Chili Sauce sounds really familiar. My grandmother made and jarred her own chili sauce and yes there was no meat with in it as I remember ,but it was really good.

  4. Anthony Shostak says:

    Dear Ken & Robing, you simply must return to the story of artist Alex Grey to delve more deeply into his early experiments with necro-art, his polar expedition, and his rescue from a demon by an incorporeal “Mr. Lewis” shortly before a dream trial for his crimes against the dead.

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