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Episode 399: Webster’s Defines a Shoggoth As

June 12th, 2020 | Robin

The Gaming Hut goes below the depths for beloved Patreon backer Hector Trelane, who seeks tips on adapting the feel of Wolfgang Petersen’s 1981 classic Das Boot into a roleplaying setting.

How to Write Good revisits the issue of prose style in RPG books with more tips to strengthen and clarify your work.

Fun With Science follows a tip from esteemed Patreon backer Gabriel Rossman, who has discovered a peculiar case of a scientific paper published under the stolen identities of researchers who had nothing to do with it.

Finally theatrically appalled Patreon backer Brian Malcolm demands redress for recent aspersions cast on Davenport, Iowa, in the form of an Ask Ken and Robin segment devoted to the manifold historical and eliptonic wonders of that beatific municipality.

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2 Responses to “Episode 399: Webster’s Defines a Shoggoth As”

  1. Douglas Sundseth says:

    I think Dread might be a really good vehicle for building the suspense that characterizes Das Boot. Everything that happens requires somebody to pull a piece. And whenever the tower falls, somebody gets sacrificed to save the rest of the people on the boat: “My leg is trapped; you can’t save me. You must close the hatch to save the boat. Tell my wife that my last thoughts were of her.”

  2. Cambias says:

    Seems like one could restore at least some player agency by giving them some risk/benefit trade-off. Run silent or try some clever maneuver? Which direction to flee — and try to out-guess the sub-hunters. Give them choices to make.

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