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Episode 413: Live from Gen Con Online

September 18th, 2020 | Robin

Convention season has gone into hibernation, but that didn’t stop us from doing a live episode at Gen Con Online. The Nerdtrope deck served up a duplicate, but that didn’t stop us from sticking in a ringer. Robin’s Internet was spotty, but that didn’t stop Ken from vamping in his absence. Robin’s mic had to be closer to his humming desktop than a normal episode, but that didn’t stop heroic audio editor Rob Borges from saving the technical day! Join us in not stopping the show as we all dream of a return to in-person events.

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3 Responses to “Episode 413: Live from Gen Con Online”

  1. Tim Emrick says:

    I have been running a Greek mythology solo game for my wife for several years now, using BESM Third Edition. It’s a fairly simple system that, while originally designed for anime, works well with pretty much any cinematic/heroic genre, at a wide variety of power levels. It’s required me to stat up a lot of characters and creatures from scratch, though 2E sources like BESM Fantasy Bestiary have helped a great deal. I’ve also used GURPS Greece, Green Ronin’s Trojan War (for D&D 3.5), and TSR’s Age of Heroes (for AD&D 2E) for general reference, in addition to the myths themselves. Is BESM the best possible system for the material? Probably not, but it’s worked fine for us.

  2. huth says:

    I’ve actually been working on a 30s Canada supplement for a while now…

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