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Episode 417: Double Devil

October 16th, 2020 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut, beloved Patreon backer Ross Ireland asks about the possibility of victory in an ongoing game. Is it essential, or can certain doom become its own kind of win?

Regal backer Mikey Hamm beckons us into an especially resplendent version of the History Hut to hear about the Amber Room and the curses associated with it.

In How to Write Good, we show you how to spot the ominous signs of an unmotivated protagonist.

Finally the Eliptony Hut reveals the secrets of the Vatican’s time viewer.

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One Response to “Episode 417: Double Devil”

  1. Scott Zaboem says:

    Aw, this one hurts. I love a directionless protagonist. My favorite novel of all time, Candide by Voltaire, had an endlessly directionless title character. It is the external forces acting upon Candide, the entire world in fact, which consistently push the story forward.

    A very similar example is Arthur Dent who loses his motivation in the first few pages of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and doesn’t get a new one as the books in that series get better and better for the next four installments. The greatest ambition that Arthur develops is surviving the immediate scene and maybe relaxing with a cup of English tea or a great sandwich. This is the character who figures out the meaning of life, the universe, ans everything (and the question) but still doesn’t particularly care.

    Even among children’s stories, there is Alice of the …in Wonderland notoriety. A properly structured heroine would have been motivated to find a way home — or in any modern reboot to overthrow the tyrant queen like a proper isakei protagonist. Then She would spend her scenes working towards that goal and then leave, having seen in the process only the bare minimum amount of Wonderland. In Carroll’s version, Alice just wanders around and finds the place interesting. It’s far weirder and more fun in Carroll’s version, I think.

    You gentlemen and scholars remain far than me. Perhaps I am missing something.

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