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Episode 433: Leave Out a Syllable For Elijah

February 19th, 2021 | Robin

The Gaming Hut nestles next to an apothecary and a retailer of used armor pieces as we suggest techniques to populate buildings for a city sourcebook.

Fright film enters the psychic hangover of the Watergate era in the latest installment of the Cinema Hut’s horror essentials series.

You wouldn’t think that familiarity with paranormal lore would provide insight into the charlatanry of speed reading, but that’s because you haven’t yet thought about it in the Eliptony Hut. For full details, see Scan Artist: How Evelyn Wood Convinced the World That Speed-Reading Worked by Marcia Biederman.

Finally, in the Culture Hut, we open the drawer on the works of eldritch photographer William Mortensen, whose supernatural pictorialism might inspire scenarios from Trail of Cthulhu to Cthulhu Confidential to THE FALL OF DELTA GREEN.

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