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Episode 446: Well Also H. R. Giger

May 21st, 2021 | Robin

An all-request episode kicks off in the Gaming Hut with beloved Patreon backer Chris Camfield’s request to follow up on a carelessly dropped side reference about realist F2O.

Esteemed Patreon backer Chris Melkus meets us in the Archaeology Hut to ask about a recent story of tomb robbing in China’s Shaanxi province, in which the culprits tunneled into ancient sites from conveniently situated restaurants.

Celebrated Patreon backer Gene Ha pops into the Narrative Hut to note that Robin often refers to the western narrative traditions, and asks about other narrative traditions we might take gaming inspiration from.

Finally, shadowy Patreon backer Dave from Washington enters the parlor of the Consulting Occultist hoping he may shed light on the appearance of Theosophical symbols on the control console in Ridley Scott’s Alien.

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3 Responses to “Episode 446: Well Also H. R. Giger”

  1. Can I ask for more details of Expeditious Departure Press and (what sounded like) Suzy Yi?

    Because that sounds like something that might be of great interest to me and to others if it’s available of DriveThru or even second hand and in print and my GoogleFu has failed me on this.

    (The show-notes are a lie! Or at least an in-joke.)

  2. Suzi Yee says:

    It’s Suzi Yee and the company is Expeditious Retreat Press. Thanks for the mention, Ken!
    I can’t take all the credit. Joseph Browning is my better half and we co-wrote the Magical Society series, starting with A Magical Medieval Society in 2003.
    I love a fantastical no-holds bar world for one-offs (conventions or games days in the before times), but our campaigns run very similar to what Ken was describing– using realism to make a world in which the PC are extraordinary in their abilities. We personally find that more fun to play as players and as GMs, found our players were more engaged with that set up. That’s why a lot of our game supplements come from that perspective–guides to help GMs figure out how they want to create that in their world.
    Ecology and Culture helps people build their worlds from the map up, and Silk Road is about overland trade routes (with a discussion about taking in below ground in a fantasy world). They were all bears to research and write, but the fact that they are still helping world builders many years after they were released feels pretty good.

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