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Episode 45: A Blatant Vowel Swap

June 28th, 2013 | Robin

Summer convention season kicks off with a Travel Advisory on Ken’s trip to Origins.

Robin beckons you into the Cinema Hut to share his rare chance to see the first Wong Fei-Hung film, 1949’s The Whip That Smacks the Candle.

Having established a Tradecraft Hut, we are naturally behooved to mull the implications of the newly whistleblown PRISM program of the NSA.

We wrap with part 3 of our Consulting Occultist series on the Nazi occult, this time focusing in on Irminist prophet and Himmler advisor Karl-Maria Wiligut.

That periodic thumping sound you hear is Robin’s mic falling apart as we record. Apologies for any sonic disorientation this may cause.

11 Responses to “Episode 45: A Blatant Vowel Swap”

  1. John Sheldon says:

    Your question about ways to play longer-form games at cons is something Travis Scott and Mark Diaz Truman have been tackling, inspired by the work of Krista White and her pilot longcon. They ran a multi-session Dungeon World campaign across con at Origins, which gave all the players the change to play a more complete-feeling game with continuity and cross-chat among the two tables they were running.

  2. Jan says:

    An Asian Thor? Not as unlikely as Ken might think. A while ago I’ve come across a panturkist guy pushing a hypothesis that Nordic gods were in fact Turkic noblemen who formed the original Aesir – scandinavian ruling class.

    Odin (the Viking God) was a Turk

    Interestingly – Thor Heyerdahl (cool a guy that he was, sadly) had a very similar idea – the Scandinavians came to Scandinavia from Azerbaijan.

  3. Jonas S says:


    This isn’t in any way new. It all stems from Snorri Sturluson, in the 13th century:

  4. John Stewart says:

    Regarding the NSA business, you guys missed one of the most important factors in the whole thing: grift. That there are companies making a whole lot of money making software, storing data, etc. is probably a key driving factor. It’s a good way to do it, since you can keep regulators off your back, you get the government to train their agents which you then hire for more pay than the government gives (not hard), and it’s easy to scare congressmen into allocating more money.

  5. Raphael Päbst says:

    Just a quick note about the title of Wiligut’s book: “Die neun Gebote Gots”, although “Die neun Gebote Gottes” would be the correct spelling, means “The nine commandments of god” an allusion to the ten commandments of the decalogue. The misspelling of “got” is probably meant to sound more germanic, although this is just my cynical interpretation.

  6. John Willson says:

    What’s the latest word on Bubblegumshoe? Can’t find any recent mention of it online.


  7. The name “Weisthor” refers to “weise” as in “wise”, not the color white (Weiß). I presume it is the mark of crazy people to call themselves wise.

  8. Jeromy French says:



    Whip That Smacks the Candle by Peng Hu
    Drunken Master by Yuen Woo-ping (feat. Jackie Chan)
    Drunken Master II by Lau Kar-Leung (feat. Jackie Chan)
    Once Upon a Time in China by Tsui Hark (feat. Jet Li)
    Once Upon a Time in China II by Tsui Hark (feat. Jet Li)
    Once Upon a Time in China III by Tsui Hark (feat. Jet Li)
    Once Upon a Time in China IV by Yuen Bun (feat. Vincent Zhao)
    Once Upon a Time in China V by Tsui Hark (feat. Vincent Zhao)
    Once Upon a Time in China and America by Sammo Hung (feat. Jet Li)
    Last Hero in China by Wong Jing (feat. Jet Li)

    And about 70 other Wong Fei-hung movies, which would cause me to go insane if I cataloged them all.


    Ken Hite – The Nazi Occult
    Karl-Maria Wilgut – Seyfrieds Runen
    Karl-Maria Wilgut – (Die) Neun Gebote Gots
    Karl-Maria Wilgut – Halgarita Spruche – with an umlat over the u

  9. Coach Training Accomplished

    Episode 45: A Blatant Vowel Swap « Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

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