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Episode 464: By Fun You Mean Opaque

September 24th, 2021 | Robin

Our continuing Gaming Hut survey of tabletop RPG design principles tackles Power. That sounds like something we always want. Does it belong at one end of a spectrum, or does it corrupt absolutely?

Beloved Patreon backer the Molten Sulfur Blog makes a Tell Me More request that opens up the History Hut to profile Edwardian socialite and taboo-smasher Lady Idina Sackville.

In Ask Ken and Robin, estimable backer Stefanie McClelland asks us to quickly bounce off the gruesome career of narcosatánico Adolfo Constanzo for a look at contemporary magicians as criminal henchmen.

Finally, on his recent trip to Providence, our bibliomane acquired but a mere skiff to new volumes to add to his library, inspiring a rare single segment edition of Ken’s Bookshelf.

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Dig out your plastic T-Rexes and get them ready to stomp and chomp on your players’ character miniatures as our pals at Atlas Games Kickstart Planegea, their dino-filled 5E setting of prehistoric fantasy adventure.

Pitting Salvador Dali against the Mythos just got cheaper! Get an otherworldly 25% off Dreamhounds of Paris in print or PDF from now until September at the Pelgrane Press web shop with the voucher code #ANTDREAM. Add its companion fiction volume The Book of Ants and get 25% off that too.

The treasures of Askfageln can be found at DriveThruRPG. Get all issues of FENIX since 2013 available in special English editions. Score metric oodles of Ken Hite gaming goodness, along with equally stellar pieces by Graeme Davis and Pete Nash. Warning: in English, not in Swedish. In English, not Swedish. While you’re at it, grab DICE and Freeway Warrior!

Fear Is a Fractal …and your world is a lie. A horror freed from an antique book reverberates through reality. But don’t despair. There is hope. A King waits for us. And Impossible Landscapes, the  first campaign for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game waits for you. In PDF now, hardback in May. Hailed as “one of the best RPG campaigns ever made” and “a masterpiece of surreal horror!”

5 Responses to “Episode 464: By Fun You Mean Opaque”

  1. Matthew George says:

    I’m surprised we’re at #464 without any hut on Fulcanelli; at least, searching the site produces no results. Have there truly been no Patreons requesting a discussion of this elliptonic hidden master?

  2. committed hero says:

    Happy Valley is quite close to the Mountain of the Black Wind on a map of Kenya.

  3. Christopher 'Vulpine' Kalley says:

    Faunus’s editor is Mark Valentine, not Dave. And if you like books about really obscure books, look at his stuff with Tartarus Press. His short stories are good too.

  4. Douglas Sundseth says:

    NB: The name “Menzies” is pronounced (traditionally, and specifically in this case) “Mingiss”. It’s a Scottish thing.

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