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Episode 468: Weird Mushroom Things and a Swirl Over There

October 22nd, 2021 | Robin

Our Gaming Hut look at the axes of roleplaying game design continues with the previously teased Ease versus Mastery.

In Ask Ken and Robin beloved Patreon backer Joe Webb takes the bait and requests the previously teased adventures of T. E. Lawrence and Robert Graves.

The Culture Hut looks at the changing moods of SF illustration from the 30s to today.

Finally estimable Patreon backer P. O’Neil seeks the Consulting Occultist’s files on a Theosophist retirement community in Ojai, California.

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Dig out your plastic T-Rexes and get them ready to stomp and chomp on your players’ character miniatures as our pals at Atlas Games announce the upcoming Kickstarter for Planegea, their dino-filled 5E setting of prehistoric fantasy adventure.

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3 Responses to “Episode 468: Weird Mushroom Things and a Swirl Over There”

  1. Tim Emrick says:

    I own Graves’ The Greek Myths, and very much agree with Ken’s assessment. As long as you’re not too much of a snob about the “correct” version of any myth (which is nonsense anyway, because the classic authors changed things to suit their stories all the time), it’s a wonderful resource for running a Greek mythology-based game. Graves’ footnotes are full of crazypants assertions, but every so often, one of his ideas will be perfect for putting a twist into a well-known myth to keep players guessing about the truth and what to do next.

    For example, in the solo game that I run for my wife, I took the Hellenistic idea that the Greek and Egyptian gods were the same pantheon (which Frasier and Graves enthusiastically embraced), and turned that syncratism on its head. I kept the bit about Set and Typhon being the same deity, because it helped me link the two cultures in an interesting way. However, I made the war against him into a secret alliance between Greek and Egyptian gods–and neither pantheon wants to admit to mortals they needed help to survive. Learning that secret was a major plot point of the campaign, and now our heroine needs to engineer a second alliance to prevent Typhon/Set’s imminent return.

  2. Justin Mohareb says:

    Every time Ken says “djinn” I think he’s saying “gin”.

  3. Eternal Life says:

    Eternal Life

    Episode 468: Weird Mushroom Things and a Swirl Over There « Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

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