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Episode 483: Don’t Come at Me, Circle People

February 11th, 2022 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut we look at GMing techniques to respond to that moment when one player makes a unilateral choice that causes the rest of the group to groan in protest.

The History Hut acquires a pointy hat as beloved Patreon backer Bob J. Koester asks us to delve into Yale’s 1825 Conic Sections Rebellion.

Estimable backer Ed Sizemore demands to know how and why Ken’s Time Machine erased Pope John XX from the timeline.

And finally, at the behest of discerning backer Derrick McMullin, we enter the Cinema Hut to look at Eternals and ask if a big ideas film can also be a superhero film. For ease of spoiler avoidance, this segment appears at the end of the episode.

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2 Responses to “Episode 483: Don’t Come at Me, Circle People”

  1. NiTessine says:

    The Burial of Euclid reminds me of a ritual of some engineering students in Tampere. At the last student club sauna event of the spring, everyone who has passed their mandatory Swedish as second language course brings their course notes, and they burn them together in the grill or the fireplace, chanting “Brinna, brinner, brann, brunnit! Brinna, brinner, brann, brunnit!” Which, of course, is the conjugation of the Swedish verb for burning.

  2. I love that Pope John XX is the brown m&m of the timestream. One look and Ken knows they didn’t read his rider.

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