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Episode 528: Live at Dragonmeet

December 23rd, 2022 | Robin

After nearly three chaotic years, the universe has begun to right itself, as you can tell when this episode recorded live at Dragonmeet enters your ear canals. Ken answers the call of the nerdtrope card. Then, fortified by sticky toffee pudding and Christmas sandwiches, we talk topical villains, the cure for cursed dice, the occult nature of various drinks, and more.

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One Response to “Episode 528: Live at Dragonmeet”

  1. Dan Kassiday says:

    Ken – the medical mystery melodrama RPG has been successfully implemented in Fae’s Anatomy by Caleb Stokes – Hebanon Games –
    It is a comedy melodrama not tragic but there is a mystery element since there isn’t really a GM but one person plays the patient and the final diagnosis can be hidden from the patient as well as the medical professional players via a web based app.

    Also re Cthulhu and medical – Adam Scott Glancy ran a scenario on RPPR actual play set after world war 1 which was quite good… And starts with wounded veterans all missing a body part… But something “helps” them out with new but invisible parts.

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