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Episode 546: Now I Can Talk To Plants

May 5th, 2023 | Robin

We enter the secret chamber of the Gaming Hut at the behest of beloved Patreon backer Ian Carlsen, who seeks guidance on a campaign built around initiation into a mystery cult.

Speaking of mysteries, the Food Hut tackles the terrifying possibility that ice cream might be good for you.

In the Cinema Hut our Science Fiction Film Essentials series reaches the densely packed turn from the 70s into the 80s.

Finally Conspiracy Corner looks at the 15 minute city and how this anodyne urban planning concept has become the latest locus of paranoid panic.

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2 Responses to “Episode 546: Now I Can Talk To Plants”

  1. J Michael Cule says:

    I would take it kindly if Ken would in future not call those who are just looking for the next alleged plot to be outraged about as ‘conspirators’. That already has a meaning. The Proud Boy leadership were conspirators. The people who protested in Oxford arranged their idiocy openly.

    I’ll admit that we need a better, shorter name than ‘conspiracy theorist’; ‘conpirifan’ perhaps.

    But if Ken crosses the linguistic streams like this can the day be far away before Time Incorporated sends him back in time to erase this mistake from history?

  2. Matthew George says:

    The presence of the ‘fantastic’ isn’t what defines science fiction. Science fiction is the branch of fiction where the implications of alterations to known principles are explored. In the very most traditional and rigorous forms, only a single principle is changed, but less formal types can involve multiple changes.

    “Star Wars” has a lot of alternate-reality principles: there are humans in another galaxy, in the distant past, with alien life, FTL space travel, sapient constructed beings, and psychic powers. It is interested in exploring the consequences of none of these. Its development has nothing to do with the space opera backdrop it uses, and the story could just as easily be told in any number of non-SF settings. Indeed, since the plot was cribbed from Kurosawa’s “The Hidden Fortress”, that’s precisely how the story WAS told.

    This is the same fundamental reason why the Oz books aren’t considered Science Fiction despite the presence of the Tin Man and Tik-Tok the Mechanical Man, even though their existence raises questions about conscious, uploading, cybernetics, and the nature of the identity: the books don’t explore the logical consequences of any of their postulates. “Back to the Future” is a highly entertaining movie but weak science fiction; nevertheless, it IS SF and not merely an adventure tale with technofantasy props.

    Science fiction isn’t about aesthetics, superficiality, or trite cliches, and both of you ought to be ashamed to have reduced it to same. There are lots of great science fiction movies, and there’s no need to pad your list with influential non-SF.

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