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Episode 547: Such Things as No

May 12th, 2023 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut we wonder how running games for a streaming audience will change GMing practice in general.

At the behest of beloved Patreon backer Dan Noland with proceed with extreme caution into the Book Hut for a look at an arsenic-infused volume of 19th century silhouette portraits by peripatetic artist William Bache.

Installment fifteen of the Cinema Hut Science Fiction Essentials series takes to the beginning of the 1980s, which is veritably chockablock with classics.

Finally the Consulting Occultist meets us in the Architecture Hut for a look at the so-called Devil’s Architect, Nicholas Hawksmoor, whose reputation for the arcane might just have been burnished by some of our finest living nerdtropers.

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2 Responses to “Episode 547: Such Things as No”

  1. Matthew George says:

    Science fiction isn’t defined by unrealistic elements – that’s what defines _fiction_.

    “The Time Machine” is SF because asks two questions: what would the consequences of moving directly through time be, and what will happen if social stratification goes on? The titular machine itself is irrelevant – there’s not even the slightest hint as to how it works, and it could just as easily be a psychic power.

    “Somewhere in Time” isn’t SF because it has no interest at all in exploring the implications of its postulate, that human beings can project themselves into different times. The time travel is merely a means to the end of the romance story, and is given no more focus than is needed for that.

    I believe I saw it, as a child, and IIRC it is a pretty good movie. But it doesn’t belong in a list of SF films; it’s purely Fantasy.

  2. Steve Dempsey says:

    There’s a well-known nursery rhyme which sets the scene for the Lion and the Unicorn:

    The lion and the unicorn
    Were fighting for the crown
    The lion beat the unicorn
    All around the town.

    Some gave them white bread,
    And some gave them brown;
    Some gave them plum cake
    and drummed them out of town.

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