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Episode 62: Watch Out, Boys, He Has the Power of Transcendentalism

October 25th, 2013 | Robin

Feel all leafy-like as Ken issues an autumnal Travel Advisory for his recent road trip to Lovecraft’s Vermont and Marblehead.

Bathe in the cathode rays of the Television Hut as we compare and contrast two nerd-relevant new shows—”Sleepy Hollow” and “Marvel’s Agents of Shield.”

In Ask Ken and Robin we take on a Jeromy French query on the use of music in roleplaying games.

Finally, with a sigh of palpable reluctance, the Consulting Occultist educates us on the Transcendentalism of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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12 Responses to “Episode 62: Watch Out, Boys, He Has the Power of Transcendentalism”

  1. Grant Greene says:

    I’d love to hear future Consulting Occultist segments on fringe religious figures, like notable stigmatics, or some of the crazy abilities Kabbalistic rabbis were said to have had.

  2. Ed says:

    I was hoping you guys would touch on Arrow in the TV hut. It’s not new (second season), but I stumbled across it on Netflix this past weekend and was pretty impressed with it’s ability to stack up against the Nolan Batman Trilogy. It has its moments of CW teen angst drama, but it’s pretty well compartmentalized. The action is well shot, the plots press forward aggressively, there winks-and-nods are subdued but enjoyable, and I think it even surfaces some of the issues of violence and social-class Nolan’s movies try to ignore for the most part…

  3. Terry says:

    Ken, you’re lucky to have made it out of Vermont alive. The place is swarming with Mi-Go you know.

  4. Judd M. Goswick says:

    Not to be pedantic, but the worst and most boring thing you can do on episodic TV is the “we are caught in an elevator together” clip-show.

  5. GB Steve says:

    AoS – I lasted two episodes and then watched Misfits instead.

  6. Cambias says:

    You should do a Hut on Orson S. Fowler, the man who tried to get everyone living in octagons. If that’s not a Secret American Feng Shui campaign in waiting, nothing is.

  7. John Willson says:

    Tonight’s game: Trail of Cthulhu, session 5:

    A Xothian sorcerer just rose up out of Upper New York Bay, stalked northwards through 1933’s Lower Manhattan and Midtown, and stomped on a rare-books shop, actually the secret hideout of a group of Ahnenerbe operatives who have been stealing Mythos artefacts from around the city. It then slipped into the Hudson River and disappeared.

    I just had to share. 🙂

  8. Talrich says:

    Hey there flatlander. Glad you visited a bit of Vermont, and didn’t overstay your welcome. Yes, we do now have a Walmart. We were the last state in the nation to get one, but we couldn’t keep them out forever. The first, after many lawsuits and regulations failed, was built in Williston, just outside Burlington around 2000.

  9. […] Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff talked about Ken’s trip to Vermont and Marblehead MA and, more disturbingly offered preliminary reviews of Sleepy Hollow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I cannot agree with their assessment of the two shows; I find it much easier to ignore some rejiggering of the Marvel Universe continuity than having real-world history put through the filter of the National Treasure movies.  In other words, Sleepy Hollow – bleh, Agents of Shield – eh. […]

  10. Cowboy Wally says:

    I will, with a great deal of reluctance and begrudging everything possible there is to begrudge, admit that, yes, Marx probably knew there was going to be some math involved.

    And that’s the only glimmer of a whisper of a non-ridiculosly negative comment I have ever, and with God’s help, will ever, make about Karl Marx, god to the butchers of the 19th, 20th, and 21st century.

    Thanks Emerson. Thanks a lot!

  11. Wyatt says:

    I do not know if anyone will see this, but I am a recent convert of Ken and Robin and listening to the stuff they talk about, so I’ve been working my way through the back log. Unfortunately, it seems this episode has disappeared.

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