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Episode 70: Live from Dragonmeet 2013

December 20th, 2013 | Robin

Special guest Rob Heinsoo joins Ken and Robin for a very special episode recorded live at Dragonmeet, from the municipal splendor of Kensington Town Hall in beautiful downtown London.

Ken nerdtropes the alchemical secrets of the JFK airport. Rob performs a parlor trick of his own by telling us a story about danger. And Robin spills some beans on continuity changes in the upcoming Feng Shui 2.

In response to audience questions the panel reveals its favorite gaming moments and sources of design envy.

This will be our last episode before we take a brief break for the holidays. We’ll be back with a brand new show on January 10th.

Once again we thank our anchor sponsor, Slabtown Games, who very soon will be launching a Kickstarter for Storyscape, a tablet-based tabletop roleplaying game Robin is currently designing for them.

2 Responses to “Episode 70: Live from Dragonmeet 2013”

  1. Jacob Ansari says:

    Dear Ken,

    Please tell us that, after your Dragonmeet party trick, you’re working on a card or board game pitting the players, as alchemists, against each other using New York City public works planning meetings and other aspects of city politics as their battlescape.

    Merry Christmas or maybe Happy Saturnalia,


  2. KenR says:

    No question this time, just thanks for the many fine book recommendations from this year of podcasts – they made Christmas shopping for family members much easier.

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