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Episode 351: The Molticore

July 5th, 2019 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut Patreon backer(s) The Armchair Adventurers ask if we agree with Greg Stafford’s prohibition on invisiblity spells in his games.

Was every noteworthy English writer also a spy? In the Tradecraft Hut Daniel Defoe puts his hand up and adds himself to the list of examples.

In the Monster Hut we decide if we’re on Team Scorpion Tail or Team Quill Shooter as we look at our mythical portmanteau pal, the manticore.

Then we hop in Ken’s Time Machine to satisfy the curiosity of Patreon backer Gene Ha, who wants to know what dread future our hero avoided by having Alfonso XI of Castile knighted by an automaton of St. James.

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