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Episode 128: The Heavy Hand of the Fourth Wall

February 20th, 2015 | Robin

Weighty personages surrounded by bullet-proof genre expectations surround us in the Gaming Hut as we examine script immunity in historical gaming.

The Mythology Hut finds us riffing a kid-friendly adventure idea arising from the superstitious connection between faeries and uncrushed eggshells.

Pol Jackson poses an Ask Ken and Robin poser about the difficulty of staging Tomb of Horrors style gotcha traps for today’s F20 players.

Finally, as the Oscars approach, we grab some popcorn in the Cinema Hut as we reveal our top ten lists for 2014.

Attention, class! Anchor sponsor Atlas Games wants to enroll you in Mad Scientist University, the card game of evil genius, insane assignments, and unstable elements. Act now, Ken and Robin listeners, and they’ll throw in the Spring Break expansion set for free. Shipping within the US is also free.

This episode is also brought to you by the Plot Points podcast. After you listen to us, listen to them analyze RPG adventures as literature.

Modern Myths wants you to know about its booth, a veritable oasis of roleplaying both indie and trad, at PAX East, right across from Indie Games on Demand.

Episode 99: Methane Planet of the Rakshasas

July 25th, 2014 | Robin

We are honored and delighted to say that Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff has been nominated for a 2o14 ENnie Award for Best Podcast. If you are seeing this before Aug 1st, and want us bounding up to that podium on Friday night at Gen Con, please do us a huge solid and go to the ENnies voting booth and pull the virtual lever.

Watch out for wandering monsters as the Gaming Hut looks at random tables.

In the Mythology Hut we answer the call of listener Genus Unknown to examine the roots of the Faust legend.

The Cartography Hut encourages you to map your imaginary city’s zones of safety and danger.

Then the Consulting Occultist goes psychedelic with a look at the Source Family and its karate-chopping, bank robbing New Age guru, Father Yod.

From the magical land of sponsors comes Atlas Games, who with a twinkle of fairy dust revive their 2nd Edition Once Upon a Time clearance sale.


Episode 88: Script Justification Technology

May 9th, 2014 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut, Robin asks Ken to specify a suitable period of occult ferment and together they riff it into a DramaSystem Series Pitch.

We unseal the stone door of the Mythology Hut to give Lilith the once-over.

The Cinema Hut joins forces with the Horror Hut as we mull the current cycle of haunting movies.

Finally, we respond to a Justin Mohareb request for Ken’s Time Machine. The suspicious revocation of Richard Nixon’s FBI application sure smells like time stream interference. Did Ken do this, or was it the work of a rogue time effectuator he must now reverse?

It’s yo ho ho and a pocketful of doubloons as Atlas Games surveys the seven seas from the crow’s nest that is our coveted anchor sponsor slot. Parrot on its shoulder, it orders up another special deal for Ken and Robin listeners, this time in the form of their innovative game of piratical nautical warfare, Pieces of Eight.



The Bundle of Holding rejoins us as sponsor with a deal relevant to your specific Ken and Robin needs. Aeons in the making and finally rising, it’s the Trail of Cthulhu Bundle, in eldritch partnership with Pelgrane Press! Get it before it sinks beneath the waves again, on May 12th.


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