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Episode 102: Nonsense is on the March

August 15th, 2014 | Robin

Ask Ken and Robin tackles a Tim Isakson question on ways to handle tone as a GM.

Among My Many Hats tips its pith helmet to Ken’s new GURPS Horror book, The Madness Dossier.

How to Write Good sits in the chair to examine discipline, morale, the value of routine, and the hazards of self-doubt.

Thanks to a reminder from listener Joe Taylor, we finally let the Consulting Occultist loose on the Cathars, as we’ve been planning to do all along.

From the magical land of sponsors comes Atlas Games, who with a twinkle of fairy dust revive their 2nd Edition Once Upon a Time clearance sale.


Joining us for the first time as sponsor is Jeffrey Wikstrom’s Arthur Dies at the End, an ebook series that spins the tedium of Malory into erudite fun.

Stone Skin Press has a deal for you. Until September 1st, all hardcopy purchases of Robin’s action-driven Mythos fiction anthology Shotguns v. Cthulhu come not only with the expected free electronic edition of that book, but also an ebook of Schemers, Robin’s anthology of betrayal and conspiracy. Just buy it at the Pelgrane Press store, as you normally would, no special links or offer codes required.

7 Responses to “Episode 102: Nonsense is on the March”

  1. Considering the discussion of the Cathars and Albigensian Crusade and Ken’s interest in metahistory, I’m wondering if either of you have ever read the (PK Dick award winning) book Elvissey (or any of Jack Womack’s Dryco book series).

  2. […] clockwork… or perhaps according to Anunnakkuan programming?… Ken and Robin have again talked about stuff, this time covering tips for writers, the Cathars, and Ken’s new GURPs book – The […]

  3. Jeremy says:

    Congratulations on your ENnie! I’ve been an avid listener for a few months and I believe the award is well-deserved. You may now add it to your “Self Adoration Hut.”

  4. Alexander Shendi says:

    Jeremy beat me to it, but I would also like to congratulate you to your well-deserved Ennie. Best wishes to both of you and keep on rockin’.

    All the best,


  5. Eoin Dornan says:

    Congrats on the Ennie! I have a writing question on the use of different speech modes in fantasy. Since there are so many types of speech available – telepathy, incantations, dream/inner monologue to name but a couple – how do you go about representing them as distinct from normal speech, if at all?

  6. Cowboy Wally says:

    Another excellent episode. Kudos on the correct explanation of the main Cathar heresy (Dualism) and noting that their doctrinal practices (renunciation of marriage and celebration of suicide) would spell the end of mankind. My main surprise during the discussion was that you did not note the immensely famous quote from that crusade that echoes even today “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”

    The quote by itself isn’t enough for a segment, but it could perhaps be addressed in future lightning round.

    Many congratulations on the Ennie win!

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