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Episode 202: While We’re On the Surface of the Freezing Sun

August 5th, 2016 | Robin

Another all-Patreon backer request episode kicks off in the Gaming Hut as Tom Abella asks what Brexit will do to spycraft in our world and that of Night’s Black Agents.

In The Business of Gaming Wesley Marshal asks about the ethics of working on an IP you don’t care for.

Karl Schmidt wants the Consulting Occultist to spill the astrological and alchemical beans on Rudolf II of the Holy Roman Empire.

Then finally it’s time for another installment of Tell Me More, in which Ken and/or Robin expand their Ken and Robin Consume Media thoughts about Occupied, The Vampire Countess, and The Neon Demon.

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3 Responses to “Episode 202: While We’re On the Surface of the Freezing Sun”

  1. mrm1138 says:

    Occupation sure sounds like some right-wing nonsense, but Erik Skjoldbjærg did direct the original Norwegian version of Insomnia (which is superior in some ways to Christopher Nolan’s remake). I suppose perhaps I can give it some sort of benefit of the doubt until I’ve had a chance to check it out.

  2. Phil Masters says:

    In my experience, the entertaining possibility with games writers and licensed properties isn’t so much that they’ll hate the whole thing as that they’ll love (or at least like) it … all except for that one episode/novel/plotline which they’d rather not think about. Usually, they’ll be lucky and most other fans will agree with them about it — but it’s still canon and must be addressed.

    Quite often, it really does violate the mood or core assumptions of the setting, in fact; certainly, the game writer may feel it does. The delicate but energetic dance around the subject, involving the search for polite euphemisms for “ghastly aberration”, “horrible mistake”, or “period when the original creator clearly went insane”, is a real test of the adapter’s skills.

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