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Ken and Robin Consume Media: The Truncated For Obvious Reasons Edition

August 9th, 2016 | Robin

The Pinnacle

GenCon (Convention, US, Peter Adkison et al, 2016) For the last 17 years, Adkison and his team have led the “best four days in gaming” to strength after strength. This year was no different, except in scale: bigger, better, and for us your hosts, ever busier. All the media we consumed this week came in the shape of fatigue-toxin hallucinations, reading each others’ autographs and text messages, and drunken games of “Can You Top This?” We hope you saw us (if you wanted to), and if you talked to us we were delighted to talk to you even if it seemed at the time as though we had been sloppily reanimated by an indifferent necromancer.–KH

GenCon (Convention, US, Peter Adkison et al, 2016) What Ken said. Now good grief where’s the coffee?—RDL

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