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Episode 203: Pull the Damn Trigger You Coward!

August 12th, 2016 | Robin

In a special live from our hotel room episode, we inflate a portable Gaming Hut to field a question from Frent about catastrophe pile-ups in popular continuities.

The Tradecraft Hut looks at the implications of Russian intelligence’s hack of the Democratic National Committee emails. (See The Crusader, by Paul Kengor, pp. 317-320 for the full text of KGB head Viktor Chebrikov’s letter to Andropov about Ted Kennedy’s approaches to the Soviets about the 1984 election.)

Ken demanded it, so we did it—a Food Hut on that most exalted of fruits, the blueberry.

Thanks to Patreon backer Morgan Ellis, we have a Consulting Occultist topic Ken can field in his sleep and/or the day before a big show: ley lines.

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10 Responses to “Episode 203: Pull the Damn Trigger You Coward!”

  1. Loki says:

    I was a little surprised by Ken’s characterisation of Assange as a Russian agent – my impression was that he was a classic useful idiot.

  2. Steve Dempsey says:

    Forbes has some slightly more accessible details about the Kennedy approach to the Russians:

  3. David Weidendorf says:

    I’m surprised this didn’t come up in the ley line discussion, but Palladium Rifts milked a whole game setting out of the idea, and then back-ported it to later editions of their other games.

  4. Shawn Wilson says:

    Ken, and am pretty much exactly like you in political leanings. And I also grew up in Chicago.

    So, Hillary, Trump…

    I have the same problems you do, only… I wonder how much of what Trump is is mere theatrical showmanship. He has been doing it forever pretty much. And no matter how he seems, he is a successful businessman. I don’t think he could be one if he were really as crazy as he seems.

    And even if he is as crazy as he seems, the President can do very little unilaterally. He wouldn’t have the Republican establishment supporting any insanity. This is in marked contrast to Hillary, who the Democratic establishment fully supports in her insanity. The idea of Hillary picking Supreme Court justices makes my skin crawl.

    So, hold your nose and vote Trump, he is literally the lesser of two evils.

    You know who I wish were running? Lex Luthor. Not the buffoons from the movies, but the very serious and competent incarnation of the comics. I would totally support him in the real world. He may literally be a megalomaniac comic book supervillain but he isn’t malicious, just ruthless. LexCorp and Metropolis are perfectly cromulent place to work and live, indeed no other place is better. Someone has to win, and that person will by definition resemble a megalomaniac anyway.

    • Eric Jeppesen says:

      Sure just ignore all of Trump’s crazy ranting and ignorant answers to pressing issues as long as it’s not Hillary. That’s not a solution! You’ll get the government that you deserve. The two parties are working hand in hand to give you the choice between two piles of shit. Open you eyes and make inroads by rejecting their crap and actively support and vote for other options.

      • Brian Wrynn says:

        Speaking as (normally) a wide-eyed liberal, I find myself agreeing with almost everybody these days. Lex would be rockin’. As written lately (plus/minus 10 years), he is more concerned that there is an omnipotent alien given carte blanche in his country than hand-wringing crazypants Bond villain.

        More in tune with this reality, on the one hand, I can’t believe everything Trump bloviates about and feel like it’s too well-worn a strategy to cry apocalypse almost every g-d election. I feel as though, while portrayed by the establishment as a crazy person from the woods, Sanders might have united most of the sane causes. Of course that could not be allowed to happen.

        A system that cyclically offers up (two who are portrayed as) a demon and a corrupt corporatist is no functional system from where I sit. Hey, half the fun is that you can reverse those hats and nobody can even tell who I mean!

    • Phil Masters says:

      I thought that one thing we all learned from the twentieth century was that, when a ranting demagogue making a lunge for power says something about his aims or values, we were obliged to take it literally, however crazy it sounded.

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