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Episode 211: It’s Called Salvage

October 7th, 2016 | Robin

Unfurl your flags as we gather in the Gaming Hut to envision an F20 game in which nationalities take the place of alignments.

In Ask Ken and Robin, Patreon backer Jason Breti asks us to talk about Microscope.

How to Write Good looks at things that happen in real life that writers have to work extra hard to put across in fiction.

Finally, Ken’s Time Machine obeys backer Shane McLean’s demands for information on our hero’s interactions with Thomas Bloodworth in the early stages of London’s Great Fire.

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6 Responses to “Episode 211: It’s Called Salvage”

  1. John Ward says:

    As much as I admire and support you two, don’t you pooh-pooh Spidey with a cold!
    It was a while ago, only eighteen months after I was born, but I read the reprints and it’s what I loved about early Spidey.

    • Jim Janousek says:

      also issue 87, in which he feverishly unmasks himself since he’s sure his power is gone. He is also unmasked by Dr. Octopus in an early episode while sick, but everyone assumed he wasn’t the real Spider-man.

    • Pôl Jackson says:

      I came here to say the exact same thing! See also, “Spidey gets a bad sunburn and stopping bad guys becomes extremely painful”. Although to be fair, Spidey’s “Parker Luck” is a somewhat unique aspect of the character. You probably wouldn’t see someone like Storm wake up randomly with a bad cold.

    • Bret Kramer says:

      Is there a Spider-Man annual where he fights the Vulture and/or the Vulturions while fighting the flu, all while carrying a hat box for Aunt May?

  2. NelC says:

    One episode of Alan Bleasdale’s ’80s series about being on welfare in Liverpool The Boys from the Black Stuff features what in memory approaches an hour-long argument (nearly the whole episode) between Julie Walters’ character and her husband (Michael Angelis). It is really good at recreating the horror of a family argument that lasts all day and is never really resolved, but I can’t honestly recommend watching it unless you chase it with, I don’t know, a whole season of Steven Universe or something equally wholesome.

    (If you are tempted, the episode is ‘Shop Thy Neighbour’ and can be found on

  3. Neil B says:

    I’m listening to the discussion of nationality replacing alignment, and it seems like it would’ve been a really interesting idea a year ago; now it’s just a little too close to real life here in Brexit Britain.

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