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Episode 235: He-Man’s Woman Hating Civilization

March 31st, 2017 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut Patreon backer Joan Guardiet asks us to make a game set in a warrior woman society work for a party of male PCs.

Speaking of requests, in Ask Ken and Robin backer Kalin Kadiev seeks tips on researching Bulgarian occultism.

Tell Me More teams up with the Cartography Hut for a tour of cursed places.

And in a switcheroo, Robin dons the smoking jacket of the Consulting Occultist as we look at the cultists and gurus of 1930s L.A., as seen in Cthulhu Confidential.

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5 Responses to “Episode 235: He-Man’s Woman Hating Civilization”

  1. Kalin Kadiev says:

    Thanks for the reply to my question, guys…despite the fact that Ken sounded like he’s about to die. Hope you get better soon, Ken!

    I had not known about Mishev’s work, so I’ll probably look that up. And yeah, I do know a lot of stuff about modern day Bulgarian weirdness, it was the old weirdness that’s kind of hard to dig up. After all, it’s kind of hard to present an opposition to The Old Ways…if you have no idea what The Old Ways actually are. There really doesn’t seem to be a lot of research done into the magical thinking of Bulgaria’s past. That’s kind of the thing with Unknown Armies. If I was just going for general modern day fantasy/magic in Bulgaria, that’s WAY easier to do.

    Interesting note, if you guys didn’t know it: “Mutri” would probably translate as “Mugs” (as in a human’s face).

  2. Tim Emrick says:

    I particularly enjoyed this week’s Amazons segment. The Amazon-like culture in my own new F20 homebrew campaign is not quite as strict about gender roles as a more traditional interpretation would be, but it’s still very much a matriarchy. (Men can be soldiers and priests, but the highest ranks of both are all women. The government bureaucracy, OTOH, allows men into the top levels, esp. those with arcane abilities.)

    The campaign didn’t start there, but one of the PCs has ties to that nation’s military (which is the most powerful of the human kingdoms in the game world). So I can use her to slowly feed them info about that land before they inevitably get drawn into a war that involves the Amazons…

  3. Algernon says:

    Not really comment but a question? I seem to vaguely remember an ep where Ken outlined a hypothetical vampire conspiracy founded by Gilles de Rais but a search through the archives turned up bupkiss.

    Did I just imagine the whole thing.

  4. Thanks a lot for answering my question. I enjoyed all the ideas, there’s a ton of things I can use for the campaign, and since we’ve not started it I can even use this episide as some kind of pitch of the potential of it. Ken, please get better! Thanks again, guys, you’re really wonderful people 🙂

  5. Russ S. says:

    Sorry for the late comment. It was very interesting hearing Robin talk about Los Angeles’ 1930s fringe, and not nearly fringe enough, scene. Is there any chance we might hear a follow up, perhaps on some of the more net-babylonian architecture?

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