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Episode 254: Snouted Meepers

August 11th, 2017 | Robin

We clatter our dice and thump our miniatures in the Gaming Hut, considering a Patreon backer Travis Johnson question about what to do when the players break the tone they asked you to instill.

With a Kickstarter and then a vacation, Robin hasn’t been paying attention to the news lately. So he meets Ken in the Tradecraft Hut on the off chance anything has happened on the espionage front his summer.

In the Cinema Hut, Patreon backer Nancy Feldman wants us to talk about our favorite pulp movies.

Finally Patreon backer Mike Marlow wants to know why Ken’s Time Machine was sighted near the great Boston molasses flood of 1919.

This week we have a special contest thanks to Petersen Games and its Kickstarter for Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3. Patrons, head on over to the contest page and follow the instructions to enter a draw to win one of four rare, glow-in-the-dark Yellow King figures.

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9 Responses to “Episode 254: Snouted Meepers”

  1. Tim Emrick says:

    Anyone interested in the molasses flood of 1919 will likely be entertained by the perversely perky song “Great Molasses Disaster” from The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets’ recent album:

  2. John Rauchert says:

    I guess “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” did not rise to the level of “our favorite pulp movies”.

  3. mrm1138 says:

    The Phantom (1996) > The Shadow (1994)

  4. Phil Masters says:

    If you’re going to talk about (relatively) modern films with a (consciously, somewhat) pulp sensibility, shouldn’t the original Star Wars trilogy at least rate a mention?

  5. Phil Master says:

    Oh yeah; one for Ken’s Time Machine.

    Ken – was it you that got Joseph Banks thrown off Captain Cook’s second voyage? And if so, why?

  6. Phil Masters says:

    Oh yeah; one for Ken’s Time Machine.

    Ken – was it you that got Joseph Banks thrown off Captain Cook’s second voyage? And if so, why?

  7. Tom Clare says:

    Men don’t make passes
    During floods of molasses

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