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Episode 255: The Devil’s Condiment

August 18th, 2017 | Robin

The Gaming Hut goes inside the design process as Robin discovers he wants to make a humble sub-system a little less humble.

The Food Hut goes inside the casing as Ken waxes rhapsodic on the history and virtues of the Chicago hot dog.

Ask Ken and Robin goes inside the business as Patreon backer David Shaw drops a query about getting one’s game published.

Finally the Consulting Occultist goes inside, uh Posadism, as backer Stewart Robertson asks about Posadism.

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6 Responses to “Episode 255: The Devil’s Condiment”

  1. Jeff R. says:

    Did some fantastically popular site link the show today? Never seen the ‘exceeded download limit’ here before…

  2. Adam G says:

    I think there is some kind of error on the site. I cannot download or play the episode here or on itunes.

  3. bwgustaf says:

    It was probably uploaded just between the two gen con seminars. The Press Panel is tomorrow afternoon so they probably did a quick upload will Cat Tobin took a break.

  4. John Ward says:

    Also getting the “exceeded download limit” on my end.

  5. Derek Upham says:

    Dolphins? Ridiculous. The Posadists are obviously cat’s-paws for the Nazi Penguins, who are pretending to be aliens using their vril-based aircraft.

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