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Episode 269: Egg Nog Related Time Travel

November 24th, 2017 | Robin


We’ve installed additional measures in the Gaming Hut to discuss security camera surveillance and how to stop it from wrecking your mystery plots.

Jump scares await in the Horror Hut as we look at the bogeyman and his pals, the evil spirits.

In Ken and/or Robin Talk to Someone Else, we chat with marketing guru and game designer Wade Rockett.

Which leads us to Ken’s Time Machine and a question from Patreon backer Derek Upham, who wants to know about our chrono-protagonist’s role in causing the Egg Nog Riot.

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One Response to “Episode 269: Egg Nog Related Time Travel”

  1. Douglas Sundseth says:

    GPS coordinates in images (among many other things) live in the image’s metadata. Metadata is trivially editable.

    “This image says that it was shot at at the corner of 800S and 1500E*. See there’s the Circle-K.”

    “But wait, 1500E is a six-lane road. That’s a four-lane road in front of the store in the image. Where was this actually shot?”

    “… ”

    “We’ll never know, Dan, all Circle-K stores look exactly the same.”


    Digital files are much easier to edit in many ways than silver halide on paper.

    But the even more important thing to remember is that the bad guys are intelligent (because the stupid ones are relegated to being caught in the establishing sequence at the beginning of the movie) and know about the same things that the PCs do … or perhaps even more, since they’re specialists and the PCs are usually generalists. They’re at least as likely to muck with the technology as the PCs.

    Rising Sun (the movie and the Crichton book) uses exactly this idea to point the “PCs” at the wrong person. The story arises from the good guys figuring out the twist. Nothing prevents you from doing the same thing in an RPG.

    Which is a long way of saying that I disagree that pervasive technology wrecks investigative games. It just changes the playing field significantly.

    “There’s a police call box on every corner. How can I possibly write a chase scene when the police will be everywhere in minutes!?”

    * I was in Utah for Thanksgiving. Can you tell?

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